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Phone Interview Tips for Travel Nurses

One of the most important parts of the process when it comes to getting any job is the interview. This is also true for nurses who are looking to obtain a travel nursing contract. The interview is basically the only way that hiring managers at medical facilities get to know their prospective employees. One interesting thing to note about interviewing for a travel nursing position is that the interview will be a phone interview. This is because the distance between the interviewer and the interviewee makes it illogical for the nurse to travel for an interview whether the company is covering the cost of travel or not. A lot can be gained from a phone interview and it is still an effective method of selecting qualified candidates for travel nursing positions.

When looking for a travel nursing assignment, the nurse and their Staffing Specialist at the agency will find suitable locations and facilities that are available and send their resume to them. From there the hiring manager at the location will contact qualified individuals they are looking for and do an interview with them over the phone. Phone interviews can be easier than face-to-face interviews for some. Others may thrive more in a face-to-face scenario during an interview. Here are some helpful tips to performing well on a phone interview according to U.S. News and World Report (

● Have materials in front of you - It is a good idea to have a copy of your resume in front of you along with some details about the job as a reference during the interview. It helps you cover talking points more effectively.

● Have good body language - Good posture and body language will make you think more clearly Ė and donít be afraid to gesture with your hands as if you are doing the interview in person. This will help you be more expressive and communicate more effectively. It also helps to smile during a phone interview.

● Be somewhere quiet - Do the interview somewhere where there is little noise or distractions to keep you from focusing solely on the interview. It is also wise to be away from children or pets during a phone interview.

● Use a landline if you can - Losing connection during a phone interview is certainly not going to help the process at all. Travel nurses should use a landline or at least a very strong cell connection during any phone interview.

The keys to acing any phone interview are basically the same as doing well on an in-person interview. It is important to be a little more expressive on the phone though to help compensate. Some travel nurses even do practice phone interviews with their agents or a family member to help prepare for the phone interviews that they will be doing.

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