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Questions To Ask Your Travel Agency

One of the most important decisions that a travel nurse can make during the process of securing their first travel nursing contract is choosing their travel nurse agency. The travel nursing agency is the most important tool that a nurse has when they are trying to get a travel nursing contract. It is important to have a company that will make sure all your needs are taken care of.

The agency helps work out the details of the contract when it comes to pay, housing, what shift they will be working, and other details of the assignment. The travel nurse agency can also help protect the nurse if anything were to go wrong during an assignment like if the nurseís contract is cancelled for a reason that isnít their fault. Many nurses think that all agencies are the same but this is not the case.

Here are some questions a nurse can ask to help them choose the right travel nurse agency for them:

● Benefits - Nurses know that they will usually have increased pay when working as a traveler. But, there are a myriad of other benefits that could be included in the package as well like housing. Nurses need to make sure to ask their recruiter if they provide medical and dental benefits as well. Most agencies will have a few options for nurses to choose from while they are on assignment. IPI provides outstanding benefits to all of our healthcare travelers. Check out our benefits here:

● Location - It is important that nurses make sure that the agency has relationships with medical facilities in areas where they want to work. Also, ask if they have a maximum number of contracts that a travel nurse can choose from when making a decision. Currently IPI has more than 3,500 healthcare facilities across the U.S. and we are constantly gaining new relationships every day.

● Reimbursements - Travel nurses should ask if they will be reimbursed for different costs that may come up while starting a new travel assignment. Some of these costs may be CEUs, the cost of obtaining a new license in that state, and physicals. It is also important to ask when the reimbursement will take place.

● Specifics - It is important for nurses to ask about specific scenarios that could take place during the assignment. Will the agency protect them if their paycheck is incorrect? What will happen if the housing is not suitable? What happens if I get sick during the assignment? These are all things to sort out before a contract is signed.

These are just some of the important questions that a nurse should ask a travel nursing agency before they make their decision on what travel nursing agency to use and what contract to accept. If you are meeting with a recruiter and they are having a hard time answering some of your questions right way that could be a red flag to not use them. Here at IPI we take care of our nurses because they're family. We want to make sure that everyone gains everything they can from their traveling experience.

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