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Feb 17, 2017



Specialty Certification State   Specialty Certification State
Case Manager RN California   MICU RN Pennsylvania
Case Manager RN District of Columbia   MS RN Alaska
Case Manager RN Minnesota   MS RN Arkansas
Case Manager RN Oregon   MS RN California
Case Manager RN South Dakota   MS RN Colorado
Case Manager RN Washington   MS RN Delaware
Cath Lab RN Arizona   MS RN Indiana
Cath Lab RN California   MS RN Montana
Cath Lab RN Colorado   MS RN Nevada
Cath Lab RN Florida   MS RN North Dakota
Cath Lab RN Georgia   MS RN Pennsylvania
Cath Lab RN Hawaii   MS RN South Dakota
Cath Lab RN Indiana   MS RN Wisconsin
Cath Lab RN Massachusetts   MS/Tele RN California
Cath Lab RN Missouri   MS/Tele RN Montana
Cath Lab RN New York   MS/Tele RN New York
Cath Lab RN Oregon   MS/Tele RN Ohio
Cath Lab RN Pennsylvania   MS/Tele RN Oklahoma
Cath Lab RN Texas   MS/Tele RN Pennsylvania
CCU RN California   MS/Tele RN Wisconsin
CCU RN Indiana   NICU RN Alaska
CCU RN Maine   NICU RN Florida
CCU RN Massachusetts   NICU RN Massachusetts
CCU RN Wisconsin   NICU RN New York
CVICU RN Arkansas   NICU RN Pennsylvania
CVICU RN California   OB RN Alaska
CVICU RN Minnesota   OB RN Iowa
CVICU RN New Hampshire   OB RN Massachusetts
CVICU RN New York   OB RN Nebraska
CVICU RN Pennsylvania   OB RN New Mexico
CVICU RN Texas   OB RN Washington
CVICU RN Wisconsin   Oncology RN Alaska
CVOR RN Arkansas   Oncology RN California
CVOR RN Florida   Oncology RN Illinois
CVOR RN Georgia   OR RN Alaska
CVOR RN Indiana   OR RN Arizona
CVOR RN Massachusetts   OR RN Arkansas
CVOR RN New Mexico   OR RN California
CVOR RN New York   OR RNFA Colorado
CVOR RN South Carolina   OR RN Colorado
CVOR RN Texas   OR RN Georgia
CVOR RN Wisconsin   OR RNFA Illinois
DOU RN California   OR RN Illinois
Endo RN New York   OR RN Iowa
Endo RN Pennsylvania   OR RN Kansas
Endo RN Wisconsin   OR RN Massachusetts
ER RN Alaska   OR RNFA Massachusetts
ER RN Arizona   OR RN Minnesota
ER RN California   OR RN Montana
ER RN Georgia   OR RN Nevada
ER RN Iowa   OR RN New Hampshire
ER RN Maine   OR RN New Jersey
ER RN Massachusetts   OR RN New Mexico
ER RN Montana   OR RN New York
ER RN Nevada   OR RN Ohio
ER RN New Jersey   OR RN Oklahoma
ER RN New York   OR RN Oregon
ER RN Oklahoma   OR RN Pennsylvania
ER RN Pennsylvania   OR RN South Dakota
ER RN Texas   OR RN Texas
ER RN Washington   OR RN Washington
ER RN Wisconsin   OR RN Wisconsin
Home Health RN Alaska   Ortho RN Massachusetts
Home Health RN Idaho   Ortho RN Nevada
Home Health RN Maine   Ortho RN Oklahoma
Home Health RN Ohio   Ortho RN Pennsylvania
ICU RN Alaska   PACU RN California
ICU RN Arizona   PACU RN Colorado
ICU RN Arkansas   PACU RN Hawaii
ICU RN California   PACU RN Massachusetts
ICU RN Delaware   PACU RN New Jersey
ICU RN Georgia   PACU RN Oklahoma
ICU RN Hawaii   PACU RN Pennsylvania
ICU RN Illinois   PACU RN Wisconsin
ICU RN Indiana   PCU RN Georgia
ICU RN Iowa   PCU RN Indiana
ICU RN Massachusetts   PCU RN Kansas
ICU RN Nevada   PCU RN Oregon
ICU RN New Hampshire   PCU RN Pennsylvania
ICU RN New Jersey   PCU RN Texas
ICU RN New York   PCU RN Washington
ICU RN North Carolina   PCU RN Wisconsin
ICU RN Oregon   Peds RN California
ICU RN Pennsylvania   Peds RN Massachusetts
ICU RN South Dakota   Peds RN Nebraska
ICU RN Texas   Peds RN Nevada
ICU RN Wisconsin   Peds RN Pennsylvania
IMCU RN District of Columbia   PICU RN California
IMCU RN Virginia   PICU RN Minnesota
IR Radiology RN Illinois   PICU RN Pennsylvania
IR Radiology RN Massachusetts   PICU RN South Carolina
IR Radiology RN Nebraska   PICU RN Texas
L&D RN Alaska   PICU RN Wisconsin
L&D RN California   Post Partum RN Illinois
L&D RN Illinois   Psych RN Alaska
L&D RN Kansas   Psych RN New Hampshire
L&D RN Louisiana   Psych RN Pennsylvania
L&D RN Massachusetts   Psych RN Washington
L&D RN Montana   Radiology RN New Mexico
L&D RN Nebraska   SICU RN Massachusetts
L&D RN New York   SICU RN New York
L&D RN Pennsylvania   Step Down RN Delaware
L&D RN Texas   Step Down RN South Dakota
L&D RN Utah   Step Down RN Wisconsin
LTC RN Alaska   Tele RN California
LTC RN Nebraska   Tele RN Illinois
LTC RN New Jersey   Tele RN Maine
LTC RN Washington   Tele RN Nevada
        Tele RN New Jersey
        Tele RN New Mexico
        Tele RN Pennsylvania


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