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See what our travel nurses and travel rehab specialists have to say about working with IPI Travel!

Ashlie Cramer

Houston SunsetI’m currently finishing up my second contract with IPI and I absolutely love it.  My recruiter, Craig Bowen, is awesome and has been wonderful to work with!  I figured I’d send you a picture of sunset from the Gulf.  I’m currently in Houston, TX and will be going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for my third contract!



Travel RN Shari
My first week has been great! What an outstanding facility and nursing department. My orientation was been very intense. They gave me the red carpet treatment!! I’ve never felt so welcome – everyone I encounter says, “Yay! We’re so happy you’re here.” I’d highly recommend this hospital to any traveler! They have a great infrastructure of people, equipment, systems, etc., to support their complex surgeries. Thanks so much to all of you for making this happen so fast for me.
You have no idea how outstanding your services are compared to other recruiters and travel nurse companies!

Alaska FishingJoe’s Assignment in Alaska
Joe is having so much fun!  His assignment gave him the opportunity to really experience all that Alaska has to offer. The big fish clearly did not get away!



Beach SunriseJames Moore, RN

“I’ve been treated like a star since I signed on with IPI. That was FOUR years ago!”



Guardian Angel - Kathryn M. Kauffman R.N.

“I must have a guardian angel”

When I first decided to look into travel nursing I was very apprehensive, and very scared. I had been at my hospital for 18 years and needed some kind of assurance that I could depend on my recruiter and the company I went with for support. I looked into a lot of different companies and talked with many recruiters. I had already heard horror stories from people who had traveled, about how other companies would forget about you once you were assigned. I looked at the ratings on companies and IPI ranked among the highest in satisfaction from nurses. This says a lot to me about the support and follow-up required to make a good travel company. I must have a guardian angel looking out for me, because I was guided to work for IPI! I am still hearing how unhappy my friends who travel are with their recruiters and companies. I am very well taken care of by my recruiter; he calls about me every other week to see how things are going. My company was the only one out there with the superior bonuses and perks!!! How lucky is that! I am a very fortunate person to end up with IPI instead of one of those other companies, and my recruiter is the best at follow-up. Lucky? Yeah, or is it the guardian angel? I don’t know but I am so fortunate to be with IPI.

Hawaii Beach IslandCasey, RN
Here is a pic from Hawaii!!! Enjoying my time here!! Big thanks to IPI for finding me the perfect assignment location!



Carol, RN OR

“Hey Folks, My name is Carol. I am an RN in the Operating Room and I have been traveling with IPI for over a year. I have enjoyed great assignments with IPI. My young family (husband and two daughters) and I have spent the winter and spring in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the summer on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, and the fall on the lighthouse dotted rocky coast of Maine. We have even taken an assignment out of our own home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. And now we are spending the summer in the northwestern mountainous region of Wyoming where outdoor recreation and wildlife is literally just outside our door. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

Our year (plus) has been fabulous. My family and I have had life and travel experiences together that we may never have had without travel nursing. We like to plan our assignments near national parks and outdoor recreation areas so we can camp and hike and visit national places of interest. This has been a fabulous way to educate our kids, and just for fun, I am collecting patches from all the national parks and monuments we have visited. In case you were wondering (and everyone does), we can travel because my husband stays home and home schools our kids. We are experts at moving into a town, plugging ourselves in and finding community.

Professionally, travel nursing has filled out my nursing skills in the Operating Room, being able to see how things are done in many different hospitals. It has also extended the life of my nursing career. The changes and excitement that come with travel nursing have kept me from burnout. I also feel a deep sense of appreciation by IPI and the folks in the hospitals whom you are helping cope with severe shortages. That alone helps keep me going. Also, I have found travel nursing to be the closest way for a nurse to work for his/herself. I have been able to plan my own time off, and I even took a month off at Christmas to be with family.

Because I travel with my family, I have extra needs when it comes to housing and assignment placement. IPI has been superb at getting me what I need where and how I need it. They have worked very hard for us. There are a lot of reasons we started travel nursing, I’m sure you have yours. My advice to you would be… Just do it.”

Allison/ RN CCUTravel Nurse Beach Palm Tree
I’ve really enjoyed my travel experience with IPI Travel. The staff has been very helpful, easy to connect with and fun to work for. I was referred to IPI by a friend who travels with them as well. It’s refreshing to know what you hear about a company comes true with your own experience. They have been great! My recruiter works hard to get me assignments where I want to go, not where he wants me to go. He’s easy to get in touch with, returns my calls… and even calls to check in on me to see how I’m doing. I like that! IPI has a lot of assignment and they are very flexible in working with me.

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